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How do I change my subscription?

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan or seat subscriptions, head to your Settings page located in the left hand navigation bar.

Within Settings, click the Subscriptions link to see and modify your active plan and/or seat subscriptions. To modify a subscription, click the Edit Plan button.

This will take you to a list of available plans to upgrade and/or downgrade to based on your active subscription, e.g. if you are subscribed to All Access Membership, then you will see a downgrade option to the Free Plan and an upgrade option to the Partner Plan.

Note: Partner Plan can only be subscribed to after you have booked a demo with us and completed our Partnership Agreement.

Clicking on the Upgrade Plan or Downgrade Plan button of the respective plan you want to change to will send you to the Checkout page. Here, if you are upgrading the plan, you will pay the new fee and be upgraded immediately. Or, if you are downgrading the plan, then you will see no fee since your new plan cost will be charged when your current plan ends and the new plan begins.

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