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How do I see my compliance manual to provide to regulators or employees?

We keep your policies in a table of contents for users to easily access and click on only the policy that is relevant to them at the time. (We are trying to avoid their dread and glazed eyes looking at dense blocks of text that is the compliance manual.)

If you do need to export the policies into a compliance manual for any reason though, we will automatically generate it by aggregating all the policies and adding a cover page and table of contents for you. No more needing (and forgetting) to update the dates on your policies and manual after each version update!

When you first head to the Policies page, if there are no policies or any unpublished policies then you will not be able to create a compliance manual. After all, we need policies in a compliance manual! So, be sure to create some policies by clicking the New Policy button and publish them to share with your users and commit that policy version to your regulatory record.

However, once you have published a policy, then an export button will appear on the page.

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