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New Year, New Us!

2019 was a year marked by growth, change, and surprises. Here's to a 2020 that sees us leaner, meaner, and even more useful!

I have to admit that 2019 did not turn out the way I expected.

After being named by Wealth Management as one of the industry’s Top 10 to Watch, I bowled into the last year with a fire in my belly and a checklist of plans that all included growth growth growth! We hired the indefatigable James Passarelli (or JP as I fondly refer to him), to take the helm of our sales efforts. We launched our Q&A forum to allow businesses access to expert advice year round for less than a single hour with a consulting firm or lawyer. I had dreams of exponential growth and success, but it didn’t happen. What did happen was a lesson in life and persistence.

Last year started with joyful news of a new bundle of joy joining the family and the Complect team in October. It also coincided with a move cross country for my husband and co-founder’s new job. While these were curve balls for us as a family and to running the business, they were even more so for my amazing Director of Sales who had just joined us a mere few weeks before the plans were finalized. Rather than growing sales, I found myself growing a human. Meanwhile, JP found himself growing into a senior title and position for a completely new product and field outside his normal 401K sphere. We both fumbled around. As the months whizzed by the first half of the year was marked by what I’d call trial and error. Then the baby came and the second half of the year was marked by strategy. JP and I spoke ad nauseam about what was working and what wasn’t. Together, we acknowledged two things: (i) we needed to build a community, not just a product and (ii) we needed to make a simple product, not just a marketplace.

As Complect went a bit dark, JP kept his hand on the wheel diligently working the sales channels while I juggled pregnancy, then parenthood, and designed our big changes for 2020. The first we can announce today: Complect is hosting our very first industry conference! In our efforts to develop a stronger sense of community, we decided to bring virtual relationships to in-person interactions. On April 16-17th we will be bringing together financial advisers to learn from, ask questions, and interact with their industry peers and our compliance experts. Instead of the traditional industry conferences that focus only on financial adviser topics or compliance conferences that only focus on the nuances of compliance, we are marrying the two to create practical workshops that cover topics every financial adviser must deal with but with practical guidance for passing regulatory scrutiny. After all, it may be great to learn new tools and gain CFP credits, but at the end of the day

no matter how many gadgets you use or letters are behind your name it is how you operate from a regulatory perspective that will keep you in business today and for years to come. Our list of speakers already includes former CCOs at famous shops like Morningstar and the Newport Group to the former Colorado Securities Commissioner, and more!

Tickets go on sale today. Our early bird pricing only lasts till the end of the month, so purchase quickly! Complect users also get an additional $25 off. We hope you can join us and are so grateful already to have you as part of our community. Attend our conference and you’ll also be one of the first ones to see the debut of our second secret project. Here’s to a joyful and prosperous New Year!