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How do I update my payment information?

When you need to update the payment method on your, head to your Settings page through the left hand navigation bar.

Within Settings, click Billing where you can access your payment methods, billing history, and invoices. Click the Add Payment Method button to add a new credit card or bank account.

Note: There must always be a payment method on file. Therefore, if you only have a single payment method on file, then you will be unable to delete it until a new payment method has been added.

Complect accepts two different payment methods: bank account or credit card.

Complect uses Plaid to instantly and securely establish a connection to your bank account to facilitate fee billing. If your financial institution is not supported by Plaid, then we will not be able to support a bank account payment method at this time.

Once you've added a new payment method, you'll be able to delete the old one or, if you wish to have multiple payment methods on file, then you can select which one you would like to be your primary payment method.

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