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Can I use my own compliance consultant?

Yes! There are several different ways to bring your own consultant to our platform.

Add Them as a User

You can add the compliance consultant as a user to your firm's account. This will require you to use one of your seats for them, but they can have access to your compliance program management tools and be a seamless part of the team to help you manage your compliance program remotely.

Ask Them to Join Our Partner Program

We have a Partner Program for compliance consultants to bulk manage their clients. Our partners pay a one time onboarding fee and incur no additional ongoing costs for our tools. The best part?

All partners in our program receive a minimum 20% discount on our standard fees, which they can pass along to you in cost savings!

Hire Them through Complect

Have your compliance consultant subscribe to our All Access Membership that incurs a $350/annual fee and they can apply to a job that you specially post and hire them for.

This method allows you to assign them with a role within your firm while an active contract is in place with them without taking up one of your available seats.

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