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How do I add users?

Users will be invited to your firm's account and be assigned a role with permissions to either create, edit, delete, or view only access to your plan's features.

To start adding users, click on Settings in the left hand navigation bar.

Within Settings, click Users where you can see a complete directory of current (Directory) and former (Disabled) users you have added to Complect. If you properly invite all of the individuals subject to your compliance program as a user on Complect, then you can generate quick reports from these records during a regulatory exam:

  • List of all access persons

  • List of all supervised persons

  • List of all supervised persons terminated

  • List of supervised persons resigned

Click the Add User button and fill in details about the supervised person that will be invited to your firm's account. This information is all modifiable at a later date, so if you don't have their start date handy -- don't fret! You can update the date at a later time. Click the Add button when you're ready to invite the new user.

Note: Each user will use up a seat on your firm's account. If you add more users than available seats, you will need to purchase additional seats. All of our plans include a certain number of seats to get you started!

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